Are YOU maximising your ad revenue ?

The AdComette Network is an online advertising network serving the local and international market.

We aggregate and manage advertising across highly relevant niche sites and blogs and deliver results for maximum exposure for publishers.

What is a vertical advertising network?

An ad network or advertising network is a company that connects web sites with advertisers. A vertical ad network only uses web sites that match a vertical category.

Our Aim

Our aim is to develop a premium network of websites and blogs, then provide a quality advertising solution allowing publishers like you a way to monetise your web assets.

CPM only

Unlike other advertising soltuions (such as Google Adsense or affiliate programs), the AdComette Network will only be selling on a CPM basis. In other words you’ll be paid for every ad impression.

Google Adsense

For publishers that use Google Adsense, you can still run Google ads via our unpaid inventory settings. So if there isn’t a paid ad from the AdTorue Network, our ad serving system will revert to your normal Google Adsense account, displaying your ads as per normal.

There is no risk being involved with and signing up to the AdTorque Network.

Monthly Payments

You will be paid on or about the 30th of each month for the previous month’s advertising and our systems will pay via international direct debit or via PayPal.

Non-Exclusive Agreement

The AdComette Network plans to always operate on a non-exclusive basis, allowing you to sell your advertising space through us as well as using other advertising providers. (Though we hope to always deliver you the greatest return!)